Brass Turned Parts from the Specialists


KISHOR BRASS PRODUCTS’S specialisation is in the machining of brass or other copper-based materials, such as bronze, from bar.

This dedication to basically one material, has allowed unique tooling and production methods to be generated, which then optimise both cost and quality.

Over many years the company has developed a reputation for producing innovative, single-operation solutions for technically difficult parts, which would otherwise require more than one operation.



Whilst the objective is always to aim for single-operation production. KISHOR BRASS PRODUCTS has a significant 2nd-operation facility, designed to compliment the automated capacity, for those parts requiring further machining. 




KISHOR BRASS PRODUCTS’S assembly division provides customers with the ability to receive a completely assembled work unit, not just individual parts.


However, for any high-volume requirements of turned components in brass - regardless of complexity – KISHOR BRASS PRODUCTS are able to provide a competitive solution.

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